We’ve been dealing with the concept of minding your business, since last week, if you’re just joining us, pls catch up with previous articles.

Today, i want talk about the BENEFITS of MINDING your business.

1. Balance. Taking on other people’s problems can throw you off balance, at the expense of your own well being. Please note. I’m not referring to helping others or being of genuine service. I’m talking about interfering where you have no business being and letting others sidetrack you from your goals.

2. Freedom. You can do whatever you want, led by your inner guide. You’re not shackled by the opinions of others.

3. Self-Worth. By ranking yourself against others, not only do you underestimate your own worth, but you will vacillate with their ups and downs, or who you measure yourself against.

4. Sense of Accomplishment. You know what you have accomplished and can take pride in it. You don’t know what others have done to get to where they are, what they have sacrificed or the price they have paid. Nor do you need to. It’s their journey and their life.

We came into this world with a unique purpose and the abilities, strengths and power to fulfill that purpose. Our best chance of success is to focus on our own life, our own goals, our own strengths and ultimately our own inner guidance. It will never let us down.

There will always be someone richer, poorer, more attractive, more popular, older or younger. There is only ever one You! Over the weekend, i taught in an intensive zoom class on FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, the digital video is now available for purchase, click here to download it
www.selar.co/financialindependence. Have a beautiful day. My name is Dr Shogo. I am Salt, Light and Honey

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