May i say this, regardless of the situation you’re born into, or the doors which others open, it takes discipline and intention to truly achieve great things in this life.

Having worked with high achievers and being one myself and a result oriented coach for that matter, i have decided to share some few things you can do to make you stay ahead of others in life and business.

1. Prioritize education over entertainment.

Knowledge will always be power. Every successful business person will acknowledge that, to a certain extent, you have to sacrifice certain things to obtain others. It’s important to cut out the things are aren’t serving your dream. Replace binge watching television with binge reading bio/autobiographies of the people who inspire you. Replace a trip to the bar with a night of staying in to research conferences in your industry or send emails or letters to people who practice your craft. Learn from the people who came before you and spend your free time doing things that are aligned with furthering your life plan.


2. Read, synthesize and share.

My habit is simple, but has proven powerful in my career. I read. I take notes on what I read. I synthesize and share with my teammates and our community of users when relevant. Through this habit, I am not only constantly learning myself, but also helping to cultivate a culture of continual of learning in our tribe.

3. Visualize and set clear intentions for the day.

I usually visualize my short, medium and long-term goals. I set clear intentions of what I want to achieve each day. This helps me to avoid veering too far away from my priorities when inevitable distractions come up. It also helps me feel accomplished at the end of each day.

4. Place value on your time and think about work virtually.

Be relentless with your schedule. There are only so many hours in a day, so think about which meetings and calls or chats are absolutely necessary for you to participate in and which you can skip, so you can focus on other things. Constantly playing catch up is exhausting. Your schedule should enable productivity, not hinder it. Staying disciplined with your time also makes unexpected issues or last-minute fires less stressful because you’ll be able to pivot more easily and take care of them.

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