There are two ways to view marketplace competition. You can focus on others and take yourself and your company away from the success you desire. Or, you can devote your attention to your own company and your path to becoming even better. The second way is the more self-disciplined approach that will enable you to see how to improve operations, make changes and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Focusing your valuable time and energy on what other companies may or may not be doing and resenting their success will limit yours. This mindset will also limit the happiness you experience operating your own business and must be replaced with a more effective way of thinking.

Over the course of my career as a business coach and consultant, I’ve met business owners who’ve lost their way in the face of perceived competition with other businesses. This occurred because of their negative attitudes toward those businesses and their owners — especially when businesses outperformed theirs or had come to town and taken market share that was once theirs.

As you focus on your own business, you’ll quickly notice how much more you accomplish with the additional resources previously devoted to thinking about the competition. As you make changes to improve your products and services, you’ll enjoy the increased happiness and success that comes with customers who find more value with you. Personal Growth Class Starts tomorrow, it is a 5 day intensive mini-MBA program i run monthly. Invest in yourself, don’t miss it. My name is Dr Shogo. I am Salt, Light and Honey. Have a beautiful day

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