Do you fill your workday with more than you can get done?

Do you feel pride because of how busy you are?

Are you confusing activity with accomplishment?

Many people today brag about being busy. They may even tell their partners, investors and even to themselves that they are making progress because of activity.

But is this real accomplishment?

Accomplishment means that a goal has successfully been achieved. We are not accomplished entrepreneurs if we simply working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accomplishment only comes if our work ends with goals achieved.

Don’t let today’s culture force you into an unbalanced way of thinking. Don’t confuse activity with real accomplishment.

Plan profound, meaningful goals that include both profit and purpose. Then craft your schedule to include both in order to live a full life.

My Take : Ask yourself why your personal and professional goals matter, figure out which activities are making you busier without an impactful goal in mind and which activities you could replace those with to build a fuller life.

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