It is unbelievable how busy people are these days.

Trying to get their time can be next to impossible. It isn’t that they don’t want to talk, it is just that they are too busy.

Staff meetings, Coffee meetings, forecast meetings, meetings to plan meetings and meetings to review earlier meetings 🤣🤣

Then of course we have to draft meeting notes and schedule follow ups to the meeting we just finished up.

After we wipe the sweat off our brow we feel we have earned a break from all this hard work and busyness.

At some level we all judge our productivity a little bit on how “Hard” we work.

Often being evaluated merely by how much activity we engage in rather than how much we are getting done.

But in itself busy doesn’t mean anything if what we are busy doing isn’t what we need to be doing which should stop us all in our tracks so we can ask ourselves…

What are we so busy doing, and further does it make a bit of difference in the bigger picture? Think about it. I will share more thoughts tomorrow. Have a beautiful day. Dr Shogo-The Pathfinder

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