One of the concepts I teach participants in my workshops is the importance of minding your own business. (covid, pls go o, i miss physical classes)

At first, “mind your own business” might sound harsh, but in this context, it is actually a gentle reminder to stay in your own lane, so to speak.

Minding your own business, at its heart, is focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can’t. It is taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, and letting other people take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

So often we try to control other people, control the world around us, and basically control everything and everyone but ourselves.

Here are a few examples of NOT minding our own business:



Reacting to circumstances and others instead of being conscious

Trying to solve other people’s problems for them

Attempting to “fix” others

Refusing to accept others as they are

Not taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions

Blaming others for your thoughts and feelings

Believing every thought that pops into our heads

The most basic way to start minding your own business is to ask yourself “Is this something I can actually control?”


1.Your thoughts and actions = your business

2. Other people’s thoughts and actions = their business (NOT your business)

3. External circumstances (weather, external events, etc.) = NOT your business

May i conclude by saying,Minding Your Own Business is a Practice, a conscious one. Personal Growth Class Starts today. Don’t give excuses for not investing in yourself. See you tonight. Have a beautiful day. My name is Dr Shogo, I am Salt, Light and Honey

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